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How to Keep Health in Top Shape

How to Keep Health in Top Shape

They say that you are what you eat, and one of the best ways to prevent any cardiovascular diseases from dawning on you is to watch what you are eating. Practicing healthy diet in your advanced age will help you be at bay from any risks of stroke and other heart conditions. Yet aside from looking at what you eat, you need to also embark on a healthy lifestyle. Refrain from doing things that could put your health in peril and look at overhauling your practices so you can live a better life in your golden years.

These are some surefire lifestyle change suggested by Sheraton Caregivers that could help you be away from any diseases affecting your heart:

  • Quit smoking
    Did you know that smoking is the primary cause of heart diseases among the elderly? If you have been smoking almost all your life, it’s best to rethink about this poor lifestyle choice. In fact, studies show that a year after giving up smoking, your chances of experiencing heart attack is reduced by half compared to those who have not given up smoking.
  • Embark an active lifestyle
    Regular exercise will allow you to reduce your chances of getting heart diseases. Doing moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for 30 minutes each day will help keep you fit. This will improve your heart health and its capacity to pump blood and improve your circulation. Being active also helps improve your mood so you’ll never feel the burdens of stress around you. This is espoused in most Home Services for Seniors.
  • Watch what you eat
    It’s time to halt consuming highly processed, salty, and fatty foods; instead, shift your dietary practice into consuming fiber rich foods so that you can be at lower risk for any heart disease. You should aim to consume 30g of fiber rich foods every single day by eating cereals, potatoes, and green, leafy vegetables. These fiber-rich foods will also help sweep away toxins and harmful waste that could be trapped in your colons. On the other hand, consuming oily fish such as tuna, sardines, or mackerel will provide you with a good amount of omega-3 that can help protect you from any heart diseases.
  • Wean from alcohol consumption
    Alcohol has too many calories in it and it increases the fatty deposits on your waist. As much as possible, limit your alcohol intake to the recommended daily allowance so that you will not be at risk of major heart issues.

At the end of the day, aging doesn’t immediately equate that your heart health is diseased. There is still so much you can do to protect your cardiovascular health so that you can maximize your life in your golden years. The earlier you start changing your lifestyle for the better, the more positive the outcome will be. If you need assistance in your lifestyle change, professionals from most Caregiver Services in Westport Connecticut are always at the ready. You’d surely be happy to note how much energy and how vibrant your day could get whenever you initiate these positive changes in your life.

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