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Caring For People With CHF

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Like many chronic conditions, we are seeing an increased number of people with CHF.

People with CHF need to manage their disease to have a good quality of life. Sometimes, it’s easier said done!

Not everyone is as disciplined as they need to be to stay on top of their health. Also, for some older people, changing livelong patterns is difficult.

As part of our CHF Home Care Program, when we work with clients, we implement care strategies that help them maintain a good life by helping them manage their disease.

Our caregivers provide assistance with:

  • Weighing the patient and recording results to identify issues with fluid retention
  • Monitoring and reporting symptoms to the appropriate care partner
  • Ensuring that their exercise routine is followed
  • Planning and preparing healthy, low sodium meals
  • Medications

Following a low sodium diet is critical for people with CHF.

Do you have any residents or patients that need help managing their diet? Meet with our care team today to see how we can help!
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