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4 Tips That Can Help Prevent Dementia


Even though many senior citizens experience dementia, this is not a natural part of aging. There are many ways to prevent dementia, such as having regular exercise, getting proper sleep, and following a nutritious diet. Dementia is, without a doubt, a serious health condition and because it has no cure, you must stay extra vigilant and take the proper steps to maintain your mental health. Here are a few tips that can help you prevent dementia:

  • Reduce Stress:
    Stress can increase your risk of Alzheimer’s by over 125%! So as you can imagine, it is pretty important to find forms of stress relief. There are many ways to reduce stress, like finding a hobby or spending time with the people you love. However, caregiver services in Westport, Connecticut are actually a pretty effective option. Through these home services for seniors, we can handle many of your day-to-day needs so that you can focus on what you love instead for an improved quality of life.
  • Sleep:
    Sleep is important for keeping dementia at bay. Lack of sleep and irregular sleep can increase your chances of Alzheimer’s. This is because toxins accumulate in the brain without proper sleep. These toxins are dangerous because they will deteriorate the frontal lobe of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for memory storage and for learning, so once it deteriorates enough, Alzheimer’s can begin to surface. Luckily, all it takes is one good night of sleep to flush out these toxins. However, you need regular and proper sleep to keep your brain healthy.
  • Exercise:
    Another way to keep your brain healthy is through regular exercise. Physical activity not only stimulates the body but it also stimulates the brain. This stimulation promotes better brain health and can help improve the brain’s ability to handle numerous cognitive functions
  • Nutrition:
    Eating right can play a large role in the health of your brain. For this reason, as provider of in-home care for the elderly in Connecticut, we are committed to helping you eat nutritious and balanced meals. Eating good food can help boost brain health and help enhance numerous aspects of your mental health.

These are just a few effective tips that can help you keep your mind sharp and keep dementia at bay. Just follow a healthy and active lifestyle, so you can continue doing the things you love well into your golden years. Also, if you are looking for compassionate caregiving services, please do not hesitate to pay us a visit.

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